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motivation or lack thereof

2010-03-13 13:01:16 by callitsleep89

Lately, my motivation has been lacking in most areas of study, music included. Most likely this is just a spring vacation slump, but it is beginning to annoy me. Anyone have ideas on how to conquer this horrific slump.


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2011-04-05 23:11:31

You need to start a routine. It's hard as Hell, but you'll end up the better for it after the fact. Three weeks of Hell based on studies. For the first three weeks, you'll need to wake up on weekends too. In particular, make sure your morning schedule is productive every day. Eat breakfast at the same time. Go for a jog or a bike ride. Usually slumps don't go away on there own in college. And then. . .

My personal experience. I wish you the best of luck. The music I've listened to from you is great!